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I went to Taiwan again for spring break to visit a relative and I had the chance to go to Taipei MRT Main Station's 地下街 again.
I've been eyeing this little one since it came out, and I found it in a small store that also sold other figmas/nendoroids that I really wanted.
After going back and forth between picking up a Satsuki nendoroid from Kill la Kill and Sakura, I eventually picked the one with more detail. = 7 =
I got Sakura for about 1950 NTD which is about $40, which I thought was pretty fair since the release price was 4,444 yen on Good Smile and it's a price has stayed the same/gone up.

So here is kind of a blurry picture of the original boxing, super cute and pretty.

Untitled by MsxCookies

and here you can see all the parts that came with it, apparently it also comes with an additional magic circle you can add to the base, but it wasn't in the box so I was kind of disappointed because you can easily get swindled in Taiwan if you're not paying close attention like me. = 3 =

Untitled by MsxCookies

so on the box it gives you all these pose ideas, and I wanted to try doing the one with her on her flying staff because it looked the cutest. it kind of went downhill from there.
first of all this piece of cute shit, was the hardest thing in the world to stick on her skirt. The peg wouldn't jam into the hole no matter how hard I pressed it, and I got really frustrated. (mind you I'm a total noob when it comes to assembly nendoroids). And that wasn't the end of my terrors, the extra skirt pose that allowed you to use this staff would not stay with the upper body. I tried countless times to get it to stay together, but the peg didn't have enough friction to hold everything together. ; A ; I was so miserable at this point I basically tried everything over and just jammed everything together twice as hard, and it finally worked, until it came time to put everything on the stand all hell broke loose again. otz

Untitled by MsxCookies Untitled by MsxCookies

so here are the final product images, I gave up on trying to make her hold the staff in her hand because I would have broke her arm off trying to get the right pose, sigh maybe next time when I have more patience.
oh well, a couple cool points for giving kerberos his own stand and making the hat magnetic so it would stick exactly in the right spot, unlike Himari, I didn't have any trouble getting the hat to stay causing less trouble for me than it did when I was trying to assemble Himari, but her hat was too damn heavy so it kept falling off.

Untitled by MsxCookies Untitled by MsxCookies Untitled by MsxCookies Untitled by MsxCookies

would I recommend this?
probably, but maybe to more intermediate nendoroid collectors, assembly her was worth the pain though. She's still super cute even if I can't get her freaking hand to fit on the staff. ;_______;


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